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AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! — A Reckless Disregard for Gravity is a new indie game by Dejobaan Games is currently in alpha, and free to download here.


It’s a futuristic free-falling… well… certainly not a sim. You start off on top of a building, then jump off. Flying close to buildings will earn you a “kiss” worth a thousand points, and continuing to stay close will earn you “hugs” worth a hundred points each. There are also giant squares each worth different amounts of points.

The joy comes from deciding which way you want to go. Do you want to find a tall building and rack up hugs (a rather easy option), weave in between structures to earn kisses (moderately difficult) or pick up 5 speed boosts, fly through moving girders, smashing through glass and landing in a tiny bonus points area (incredibly fun).

It mixes the fluidity of N¬†with the same feeling of momentum from Mirror’s Edge, creating an utterly unique fusion. The soundtrack is also great, pulsing and beating along, while you mirror it in the level. There’s also a hilarious speech from the dev at the end, as well as amusing and funny bits here and there.

Some qualms though. I got through all the levels in an hour, and perfected them all an hour after that. So the levels need to be longer, or there needs to be a lot¬†more of them. There also needs to be more mechanics. Free-falling is incredibly fun, but I can see myself getting bored with it. Competitive free-falling with a friend would just be incredible. Finally, the setting, while looking great in screenies is in fact a little drab. Grey blocks that are supposed to look like buildings hang in mid-air, with no context. Even Mirror’s Edge, with its half-arsed story, explained why the city was like it was.

Anyway, this is one to watch. Give the alpha a try.


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New page on the right, have a look. More on the way.


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